Mobile puncture repair service

We offer a mobile puncture repair service all customers new or old.

You can book a mobile puncture repair on line by clicking this link: Book a Puncture Repair or calling our call centre, let us know your location, We will send one of mobile fitting units to you and fix your tyre. We only repair tyres to the Bristish Standards (BS AU 159F)

Mobile Tyre Repairs

We can only repair tyres if they a certain criteria to meet British standards. Sidewalls are not repairable only the centre tread can be repaired however the repairable area is defined as a percentage of the tyre’s “nominal” section width and thus varies by the size of the tyre. If you think your tyre can has a puncture why not book one our mobile puncture repairs.

As rough guide only if you say between quarter of an inch inwards. Tyres may not be repairable if the hole is larger than 3mm or there is other internal damage to the tyre.

There are also important factors to consider when repairing punctures in run-flat tyres if the puncture is in the side wall or near the edge of the tread again this can not be repaired. We do offer repairs on Run-flat tyres following all tyre manufacturers strict guidelines. 

If you book a mobile puncture repair and we are unable to repair the tyre, then we will then take off the cost of the repair off theprice of a new tyre.  

Areas we cover